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Youthful Incoming Kyome/Thaana Ward MCA is a Firm believer in Devolution

 Devolution has proved to be a key tool in propelling our country forward in terms of development and equitable sharing of national resources. 


Since its inception Counties have made tremendous progress in their specific devolved roles such as provision of healthcare,Early childhood education and maintenance of local roads.

Devolution is very important because it ensures that decisions are made closer to the local people,it has also provided greatest freedoms and flexibility at the local level.

Counties have now the opportunity to improve services offered to their people.Members of county assembly are key people in County governments as they provide a link between the people and the county governments.

A member of county assembly should always work effectively to improve public services for their area through informed legislative decisions at the assembly. It is from this strong believe that I have decided to vie for MCA Kyome/Thaana.

The Story is an Opinion By an MCA Aspirant; not views of Mwingi Times team

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