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Projection of impressive rains in Mwingi

Farmers in Kitui County have been urged to conserve enough rain water and continue weeding their crops as more rains are expected this week.

Expected Rainfall from November 22 to 28 in Kitui County. /Kenya Meteorological Department

Kitui County Director of Meteorology Daniel Mbithi said that Mwingi North will receive light to moderate rains. This will be experienced in Ngomeni, Kyuso, Tseikuru and Tharaka wards. “The weekly totals for Ngomeni, Kyuso, Tseikuru and Tharaka Wards are expected to be 30-60mm. Mumoni ward will receive moderate to heavy rains with a weekly total of 60-80mm”, said the Weatherman.

Most parts of the county will experience rains from November 22 to 28, according to a weather forecast report from Kenya Meteorological Department seen by MWINGI TIMES.

Mwingi North is expected to have the highest amounts of rain followed by some parts of Mwingi West and Central.

Mumoni ward is expected to receive the most rains in the county. Others in the county that were forecast to receive high rains are Mui, Nguni, Waita, Mulango, Chuluni, Kwa Vonza/Yatta and Miambani wards.

The southern wards of Kitui County are expected to receive the least amount of rainfall which will be less than 5 millimetres. They are Athi, Ikutha, Kanziko and Mutha wards.


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