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Migwani father kills son using an axe over water dispute

As the drought ravages arid and semi-arid Kitui County, this has strained relationships among residents.

An axe. Mzee Mwendwa Mboo from Migwani is said to have hit his 14-year-old son and killed him. MWINGI TIMES/Pool

In Mwingi West, Mwendwa Mboo, a father killed his son after he sent him to go fetch water but the son chose to go play with his peers.

Mumo Mwendwa was a student in Kyome primary school. He was a class eight pupil. He was 14 years old.

Police in Migwani, Mwingi West Sub County are investigating the incident.

Speaking to MWINGI TIMES, Kyome location chief Grace Muli said that it was regrettable that a man killed his child.

“We had high hopes since he was a candidate this year. When the child was sent to go fetch water, there emerged a dispute with his dad.

He was sent to go fetch water and came back late. When he arrived, they started arguing. He hit him using an axe. When he was taken to hospital, he died”, said the chief.

The administrator advised parents to bring up their children with love and take care of them as well as guiding them to be responsible members of the society.

The chief said that she had prior information that the man did not relate well to his fellow neighbours. She called upon wananchi to be vigilant and report any untoward behaviours to her office. This, she said will help in curbing cases of crime in the area.

An aunt to the deceased said that she heard a commotion between the father and his son before the latter was killed by the former. She said that the dad smokes bhang and she heard him saying that he will kill the son and later commit suicide.


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