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Malombe casts his vote at Ithiani primary

 The Former governor of   Kitui County Dr. Julius Malombe has cast his vote at Ithiani primary school in Kyangwithya West ward, Kitui Central constituency.  

Former Kitui Governor Dr Julius Malombe casts his vote. He urged residents to turn out in large numbers to exercise their civic duty saying that police and IEBC officials are up to the task. Photo/JOSPHINE MWENDE

Speaking to media after voting Dr. Julius Makau Malombe has asked citizens to avail themselves to exercise their democratic rights and vote for the leaders of their choice.

He has confirmed to the citizens that there is a peaceful environment in polling station and the process is well protected and fast.

"Those who haven't availed themselves to vote, please come out to the stations and vote. Our police officers and IEBC officials are doing their work properly without complications.  Good leadership comes from voting for the right leaders. " said governor Malombe.


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