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MCA questions Wambora’s senatorial bid amid rot in Embu public health

The Public Health sector in Embu County has collapsed due to incessant frustrations by Governor Martin Wambora, a Ward Representative has said.

Health Committee Chairperson Muturi Mwombo (Ruguru Ngandori MCA) inspecting the KSh 50,000 beds at the Embu Level Five Hospital. Photo/COURTESY

According to Ruguru-Ngandori MCA Muturi Mwombo, the County Assembly has failed to conduct proper oversight to ensure hospitals have adequate drugs and healthcare workers because of lack of support from Governor Wambora and his administration.

Consequently, Muturi who is also the Chairperson of the Legislative Committee on Health says that people have regrettably died out of manageable conditions which could not be handled in public health facilities. He revealed that the Embu Level Five Hospital lacked basic nonpharmaceutical products like gloves.

Speaking at his County Assembly office, the dejected MCA sought to exonerate his committee from culpability for the current mess in the county health docket by disclosing that they had faced deliberate hindrances from the topmost county office, which effectively prevented them from executing their mandate of regulation of health affairs both as the people’s representatives and lawmakers.

The MCA wondered why Wambora, being the head of the County Government was reluctant to ensure effective service delivery in public hospitals yet the County Assembly always passed budgets allocating the largest portion of county funds to the health department. He at the same time blamed the governor’s indifference to health problems for the rising cases of loss of lives.

Quality healthcare

Muturi stated that his committee had tried to ensure Embu people accessed quality healthcare services over the years, but lamented that MCAs always face stumbling blocks when they attempt to streamline operations in the health docket. He also challenged the governor to explain the steps he had taken in the quest to improve the state of public hospitals apart from putting up buildings.

According to the Health Committee Chair, constructing modern buildings which later do not get equipped with drugs or medical equipment and are not staffed was an effort in futility. The Ward Rep opined that the residents of Embu County would only remember Governor Wambora as a heartless man who relaxed in his Council of Governors office while patients died in their numbers back at home.

Muturi further stated that the damage done to the Embu public health sector was devastating and would take a new administration many years to sort out. Additionally, the MCA questioned Wambora’s intentions in his quest for the Embu senatorial seat since he had failed to deliver quality healthcare services to the people. He confessed that he doubted the governor’s capability to hold any other public office.

The MCA also petitioned Governor Wambora to consider publicly apologising to the people of Embu County for superintending over mismanagement of public hospitals, embezzlement of funds meant for medicine and mistreatment of healthcare workers during his 10-year tenure, subsequently leading to the needless deaths of innocent patients who could not afford treatment in private health facilities.


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