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CHUKA passenger sustains fractured arm in morning accident

 Two passengers were injured in Chuka when the vehicle they were in veered off the road near Naka bridge. One passenger sustained a fractured limb while the other one had minor injuries. Both were rushed to hospital treatment.

Two passengers were injured in Chuka area when a car veered off the road. Residents want the government to erect side rails and road signs showing the need to exercise caution towards Naka Bridge, a black-spot. Photo/DENIS MUTUA

Residents have called upon the Governor Muthomi Njuki-led county government to mark the road to signal drivers to exercise caution while manoeuvring Naka bridge. The bridge is a black spot which has claimed many lives in the past.

Speaking to Mwingi Times, Denis Murangiri, a bodaboda operator said they need a road sign erected to warn the public of the grave danger posed by that section of the road. It also lacks guard rails.

“I want the government to put a sign showing that Naka is a blackspot where drivers should exercise caution when riding the motorbikes and vehicles.”, said the bodaboda operator.

Mr Murangiri added that the county government should benchmark on road maintenance as is done in Chuka University where the institution expanded the road near it to reduce cases of road crashes.

Barine Mawira who hails from Chuka town thanked Chuka University Vice Chancellor Prof Erastus Njoka for expanding the Chuka road at Gurukucha. “I thank Prof Njoka for expanding the road at Gurukucha. Naka Bridge is a black spot”, he said.

Boniface Thiaine said that the driver of the vehicle that was involved in morning accident called him to rush the accident scene and take care of his belongings.

According to eye witnesses, the driver of the vehicle did not sustain any visible injuries.


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