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Ditch firewood and embrace gas cylinders to cook, Embu MCA tells wananchi

 Embu county government has started an initiative to supply locals with Liquefied Petroleum Gas [LPG] cylinders to draw them from using firewood and consequently conserving the environment.

Gaturi North MCA Paul Muchangi hands over a Liquified Petroleum Gas cylinder to a beneficiary in Kavutiri. Photo/BRIAN MUSYOKA

Embu ward representatives allocated KSh 40 million in this financial year’s Budget for a locally led climate change action program. 

There has been rampant cutting down of trees in different areas in Embu County which has greatly affected the climate.

While issuing the Gas cylinders in Kavutiri Embu North, Gaturi North Member of County Assembly Paul Muchangi said the project was started in late 2019 but due to challenges brought by Covid-19, they suspended the exercise.

''We are always quick to say there is climatic change when we fail to receive enough rainfall but we don’t ask ourselves the reason behind it. We experience drought and famine because of climatic change. That is why we thought of this initiative of issuing liquefied petroleum gases,''said Muchangi.

6 kilo gas cylinder

In this project each household will contribute KSh 1,000 then the county government will give KSh 2,000 so that they will be given a 6Kg gas cylinder.

Muchangi urged the government to consider lowering the charges for refilling a gas so that locals who benefit can afford to refill them purposely to reduce destruction of forests which is greatly affecting the climate.

1,200 residents have benefited from liquefied Petroleum gases in Gaturi North ward in phase one.

Michael Njeru said despite the negative impact brought about by cutting down trees, there are also health effects due to persistent use of firewood in their homes.

He said they use a lot of money to cater for medical expenses due to use of firewood in cooking.

Teresia Muthoni a beneficiary observed that their kids will be able to take their breakfast at the right time because preparing it with the gas is much faster than using firewood.

In Runyenjes Ward, 300 locals have already benefited with the gas cylinders.


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