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"We must vote you in, whether you are on the ballo" Ikanga/Kyatune Voters tell Sonko

Voters across all the villages in Ikanga/Kyatune Ward have fearlessly expressed their dissatisfaction with the poor leadership they have had since independence. 

Kitui politician Cyrus Musyoka alias Sonko: Photo by: Isunzuma

Speaking in different functions this week, residents in this ward have blamed the current and former MCA's for inability to solve the challenges that this vast Ward is facing right from the villages to the ward centers.

"All leaders we have elected before have never had intentions to serve us but only to enrich themselves and their close allies, we have learnt a big lesson so far" Samson Muli a boda boda operator and a  resident of Koma village-  Nduundune in Ikanga was overheard shouting during a function which development oriented leader Cyrus Musyoka had attended last saturday.

They accused the current and former   MCA's  of neglecting key issues affecting the region such as; water, education and heath sector.
Across all the corners of the Ward, business community, the youth, the clergy  and who is who in the Ward is determined that Sonko is the only hope in delivering Ikanga/Kyatune ward residents from the captivity and slavery they are currently in.

"Ithyi kuu Mesilya twiasya no Sonko, twimukunia i kula akyenda na atekwenda" shouted Mutanu Mulwa also known as Inyaa Muuo a bussines lady and chairperson of a women group in Mesilya village in Kyatune.

They praised Cyrus Musyoka for always being with them whenever they seek his support.
They termed other aspirants as people with no agenda for the residents of Ikanga/Kyatune,  but only with intention to loot her resources dry.

Sonko has assured these residents that he will be in the ballot come next year and he is ready to  clean the mess brought by the former and current leaderships.

The incoming MCA last weekend had a mega tour across the ward during a meet- people tour which has left his opponents peeing in their pants.

Story by: Isunzuma

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