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Three Kitui Covid-19 patients die over lack of oxygen

Kitui senator Enoch Kiio Wambua has sounded alarm over the deteriorating health services in Kitui County public hospitals.

Kitui senator Enoch Kiio Wambua speaks during a past public function. He has raised concerns over lack of oxygen in hospitals and loss of lives due to depletion of  the essential asset. Photo/FILE

The senator said that Kitui level five hospital lacks oxygen supply in the midst of the war against Covid-19. This important arsenal in the fight against the disease has been missing in our hospitals.

Consequently, we have lost three Covid-19 patients to the disease. “Since Thursday, we have lost three Covid-19 patients in the facility for lack of oxygen. The situation gets even worse; local petrol stations are reluctant to fuel a vehicle to go and collect the all-important gas from Nairobi. The oxygen suppliers are reluctant to load additional debt on Kitui County Government.

While admitting that the county has cash flow challenges, Governor Charity Ngilu denied reports of lack of oxygen. To help avert further losses of lives at the largest hospital in Kitui County, the governor revealed that her government will source oxygen from Nairobi.

Other machines which have been dysfunctional in Kitui public hospitals are X-ray machines and the CT-scans. Patients have resorted to private hospitals which charge an arm and leg for similar services offered in Musangi-owned hospitals but are currently compromised.

Most residents cannot afford to seek medication in private hospitals and are calling for speedy resolution of the deadlock that his costing lives in our county.

Tseikuru Sub County Hospital and Ikutha Level Four Hospital are also in similar sore situation as Kitui referral facility.



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