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I weep for Kitui

I've shouted hoarse

I've pissed on Mbee Nzei     

I've spewn vitriol

I've begged on my knees

I've cajoled 

And caressed Mbee Nzei

And reasoned with Mbee Nzei

I've hit the keyboards till

My fingers gone sore.


But woe unto me

Who will hear my cries?


Mbee Nzei is dumb

Their ears are clogged

And eyes full of pus

Their pride puffed

Their senses dead

Their minds numbed

For their hands too busy

Dipped into the common Honey Pot.

Their mouths drooling,

Dazed by the loot frenzy,

Their members wet.

In selfish ecstasy.


Yet Kitui cries and howls

Disease and death ravage,

And  poverty, dereliction,

Hunger and despair rule,

Hope deferred.


Where is the shepherd?

Where is Munene

Where are you Munene?

As the hyena, the fox 

And the lion and rodent

Devours the land?

I cry for Kitui.

 _as shared by_ @Iko Siku


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