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Being a man means helping the weak and speaking for the voiceless

 Being a man is the greatest title for the male gender.  It brings a sense of authority, leadership and responsibility. 

 Today is the International Men’s Day.  But there are notions that the society places on men that make the male gender burdened. Especially when it comes to emotions. Men are conditioned to show no emotions when they are hurt.

Men need to be told that asking for help is not a weakness and they are allowed to hurt.

Men need not to carry everything alone in order to prove to be men. They need division of labour like everybody else. They do not always have to be strong.

When it hurts, they need to learn the virtue of letting go.

The society seals off men’s avenues to vent. One is told “Don’t talk about that. Therapy is for the weak. Just sleep it off. Girls want a tough guy”.

Others are chastised that they should man up. It is okay to seek help when depressed.

When in a relationship, men usually are the ones that provide everything and get little in return. Twycross Kirimi, a long-time friend and a colleague drew an illustration to mark today showing the gender inequalities that women draw from a relationship.

He said women get free dinners, His money, doors held for them, male servants, attention on you, you’re never wrong, treated like a princess and free gifts. The only mutual benefit for both was status, emotional support and sex.

Helping the weak

What I believe he left out is that being a man means helping the weak and those who are not strong enough to speak for themselves.

Most informal employers I know prefer working with men and not women. Because men will have work done with little supervision and won't whine.  

Men don’t cry, they’re told. Even if it hurts. But they should.

Since most men control factors of production, they should ensure they are fair in their service to mankind.

The cover that a happy face in a man hides is that of being lonely, angry, sad, depressed, broken and unhappy.

Treat others as you would want your man to be treated. He may be your friend, son, brother, dad or uncle. Do not make life hard for men. Because when you do, most men won’t put up a fight as they should. They will just retreat and be silent. Listen before your voice becomes noise.


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