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Kitui governor Charity Kaluki Ngilu on Wednesday launched Kitui Rugby sevens sporting events which are expected to take place in the county towards the end of this month during the Easter holidays at Kitui show grounds and Ithookwe airstrip.

The events which is aimed at empowering youths in Kitui  include Rugby, car and motorbike sporting activities has been organized through a collaboration between the county government of Kitui, Kenya rugby sevens and the Eastern breweries among many other partners.

Speaking during the event, Governor Ngilu said that her government is fully committed in ensuring youth empowerment through sports, as youth and women empowerment has been a key pillar in her administration. 

“Kitui Sevens Rugby tournament impacts directly on youth empowerment and wealth creation for my county, as it will provide a network platform for the youths and business community in Kitui to interact with the rest of the world,” pointed out Governor Ngilu.

Madam Ngilu also said that rugby sevens has come to Kitui at the right time when the leadership is committed in addressing issues affecting the youths and that in the near future he use youth sporting activities to advocate for a better environment and discourage environmental hazards like charcoal burning and sand harvesting.

Kitui county minister for sports Koki Musau said that the county government through his ministry is investing a lot in sports and developing various sporting centres and tourism cites which will generate income for the county.

“We are in the process of renovating the sports facilities in Ithookwe show grounds, not only to be used as a venue for the Kitui Rugby Sevens tournament but also as venue for other sporting events,” Said the Mr Musau.

He promised that the county government will fully support the rugby sevens event in Kitui and other sports in order to ensure that Kitui youths are maximally engaged in income generating activities.
Tolbert Achayo, who is the Kitui Rugby Sevens tournament Director, said that Ksh. 500,000 will be available for grabs by the team which will emerge the winner in the rugby sevens.

He thanked the county government for supporting sports in Kitui, saying the event which will take place towards the end of the month will be of paramount benefit to the youths in Kitui and it will give them a chance to showcase their talents in different sporting activities.

“In this tournament we have recognized the contribution of cars enthusiasists and will hold a pimp my ride and pimp my bike competition with prize money. We lso will hold a pimp my matatu and pimp my boda for local participation,” Added Mr Achayo.

Final preparations for the event are underway and the events will take place during the Easter holidays March on the 31st and 1st April.
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