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19,000 title deeds still lying uncollected at Mwingi lands registry

19,000 title deeds still lying uncollected at Mwingi lands registry

Mwingi North MP John Munuve (Right) issues a title deed to a resident of Tyaa Kamuthale at Masukanioni shopping Centre on Monday (October 10, 2016). More than 19,000 title deeds remain uncollected at Mwingi lands registry. Photo/MWINGI TIMES.

More than 19,000 title deeds are lying idle in the Mwingi lands registry in Kitui County, we have established.

The land documents belonging to residents of the six sub-counties of the larger Mwingi region are yet to be collected by their owners five months after they were delivered by the Lands Cabinet Secretary Prof Jacob Kaimenyi.

The Lands minister toured Mwingi, Kyuso and Migwani towns in Mwingi Central, Mwingi North and Mwingi West constituencies respectively on May 5 this year where he delivered some 24,000 titles to the locals of the three constituencies.

The area lands registrar Mr John Kanua confirmed that by the end of last September only 14,000 of the land documents had been collected.

He further revealed that two weeks ago his office received another bulk of 10,000 deeds whose processing was in progress when Prof Kaimenyi delivered the first batch in May.

Mr Kanua said that together with the new dispatch a total of 19, 614 title deeds are yet to be picked by their owners.

“We have launched a mobile distribution of the title deeds this month whereby we will be visiting various centres across the vast region because people are unable to avail themselves at the office. Some are claiming that they cannot afford fare to reach our Mwingi offices,” said Mr Kanua.

He was speaking during a mobile distribution of the vital documents at Masukanioni shopping centre in Tyaa -Kamuthale location, Mwingi North constituency on Monday, October 10, 2016. The exercise was presided over by the area MP John Munuve.

The Lands boss however blamed the locals for ignorance saying that even though the titles were delivered at their door step many did not come for them “People are unwilling to collect the documents, for instance, today we have come with 3,000 tile deeds but sadly only about 100 people have come to pick theirs,” he complained.

Mr Kanua however blamed land succession laws saying they were a major impediment to the title issuance exercise. “Land succession laws needs to be amended because a good number of land portions were surveyed long time ago and their owners have since died. Now their kin are having a big challenge trying to posses such parcels of land because the process is long and costly,” Mr Kanua said.

He suggested that the law to be changed in a bid to ease the process. “We need to simplify the procedure of land succession so that instead of going through the courts, such cases can be handled by local government administrators like the chiefs,” he said.

He said his office will visit areas of Mbondoni, Mathuki, Nuu and Kyuso in the few coming days to avail the titles to the locals.

Mr Munuve on his part said he will facilitate the mobile distribution of the land documents so that people in his constituency can acquire them near their homes.” I need my people to have title deeds because they will help them in settling land disputes which are prominent here. In Tharaka ward many people have lost lives over the years as the locals squabbled over ownership of parcels of land,” said Mr Munuve.

The lawmaker lauded the Jubilee administration for issuing the deeds and also waiving the issuance fee. “When President Uhuru Kenyatta recently visited our county we pleaded with him to waive the fee because many of our people could hardly afford to pay the required money and he agreed,” he said.

“When I took over as the MP in 2013 no single resident had a title deeds, but now thanks to President Kenyatta’s government thousands of my people in Ngomeni, Kamuwongo, Tyaa- Kamuthale and Kyuso have the important document,” said Mr Munuve.

Mr Munuve said land adjudication process was ongoing in other areas of his constituency like Mivukoni, Nguuku, Katooni and Tharaka. He however asked the lands ministry to place a land registrar at Kyuso town and increase adjudication staff, a move he said will hasten the process and eventually lead to issuance of deeds in those areas.






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