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Ruto allies dismiss bipartisan report, say no money for referendum

Members of Parliament allied to President William Ruto have trashed some of the National Dialogue Committee proposals in the report that was released yesterday. The members led by Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro said the proposals will subject the constitution to referendum that will affect the economy of the country.
Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro speaks during a church service at ACK Old Stadium in Embu town. MWINGI TIMES|Brian Musyoka

Speaking during a church service at St Andrew  Old Stadium ACK church in Embu town, they said they won’t allow any contest that will interfere with the growth and stabilization of the economy. Nyoro reflected on the 2003 election and the referendum of 2005 and other elections that preceded saying the activities of those years is a clear indication that there was economic slow down.
‘’I have read the report by the National Dialogue Committee and the way I stated earlier, Kenyans went to election and they completed. Kenya is a democratic country. I am requesting that our country can no longer continue to discuss about which leader will occupy which position’’.

‘’ As for the matters of leadership positions, it’s the wrong time to talk about those things now. Some of the issues they have proposed for them to be actualized they need referendum and we cannot subject Kenya to a contest’’ said Nyoro.

Nyoro who is also the Chairman of the Budget and Appropriations Committee in the National Assembly said some of the demands by the Azimio team was the cost of living to be lowered but laughed at them saying nothing was agreed on the report.
He noted that the cost of Unga was going down due to some interventions that the government had put in place .

Nyoro's  sentiments were echoed by Manyatta member of parliament Gitonga Mukunji who said the Azimio team only targeted the leadership positions and not the fight for Kenyans worsening living conditions. 

Mbeere North MP Geoffrey Ruku also took issue with the National Dialogue  Committee recommendations that he said did not reflect the wishes of many Kenyans to tackle the cost of living.
The agreement on the report that was released yesterday is the creation of the office of Leader of the Opposition, which will be occupied by leader of the party that garnered the second highest number of votes in the presidential election with two deputies and the entrenchment of Prime Cabinet Secretary's office into the Constitution.
The previously sticky issue of ensuring party fidelity was also agreed upon.

The two sides are proposing the creation of an office to oversight party fidelity to be entrenched in the Constitution. The role currently played by office of Registrar of Political Parties.

On electoral justice, the two sides agreed on the audit of 2022 electoral process. Other leaders who were present included Runyenjes Member of Parliament Eric Muchangi ,Embu Woman Representative Njoki Njeru Double N , Embu flamboyant businessman Ken Java among other leaders.


Property destroyed by heavy rains in Tharaka

An earth dam that served Kanyengya sub location residents in Tharaka Ward, Kitui county has collapsed as heavy rains pounded the area from Thursday evening to Friday morning.
The collapsed house.
Makithuri earth dam was destroyed following heavy rains in Kenyengya village in Tharaka Ward. A nearby house collapsed as a result of heavy rains which began yesterday at night up to today in the morning. MWINGI TIMES|Cephas Mutai

Mr Wilson Mutua Mbiri, a resident from the area told MWINGI TIMES that a house from a nearby area caved in as a result of heavy rains.

"The government should help us. We are having a disaster and are in need of help. The earth dam was helping over 350 households. We don't know what they will do as from the next drought season", he appealed.


Yes, men are economical with truth

Sammy Kioko lied to save his already dead relationship with Naomi. Yes. You read that right.
Men Can Lie show cast, left to right: Douglas Shikwekwe, Naomi, Sammy Kioko, Mercy and Abbie. Today was season finale, Episode 14.|SK ENTERTAINMENT 

This last episode of MEN CAN LIE is both conciliatory and revealing that all good things are brief. Kaa ukijua Abbie was forgiven but her ills are still remembered as the one who led to Naomi and Sammy splitting.

"Sammy lied to me that he was a pilot. I am bored. I am deeply sorry. I apologize", said Abbie. 

Petite and spotting swift steps in agility, Naomi organizes to go and visit Sammy in hospital. But not before declaring that he belonged to her past and should stay there. "I have suffered enough", she laments.
A YouTube cover showing an upcoming season finale for Men Can Lie. The show uncovered many reasons men lie.|SK ENTERTAINMENT 

Sammy's doctor diagnosed him with anxiety disorder having being triggered by his cheating sprees with  Abbie and Naomi.  He recommends peace of mind and a "good diet", whatever that is.

Alas! All this was a plot and a ploy to bring back Naomi to the fold. Sammy wakes up from the hospital bed he was lying. Men can lie. Indeed. 
"Kazi safi. Lazima ningerudisha bibi na hiyo style. Si tutoke na wewe ndiyo ikae kama niko mgonjwa cha ukweli!?", he suggests to his doctor.

Curtain.Respect. Until next time. 



God's grace guards my paths- Ev Danny Kioko

Evangelist Danny Kioko's newest worship song Neema has taken his YouTube fans by storm. The hit speaks about God's grace upon his life. He declares despite facing many obstacles in life, God's love has been sufficient upon him. This is by surrounding and guarding his paths.
US-based Ev Danny Kioko.|COURTESY 

The song has translation subtitles from Swahili to English in order to cater for the international audience as Kioko's multilingual audience can attest. He is based in the United States.

However, in the hurry to translate, the editor made some glaring mistakes such as misspelling the words "surround" and "guard". However, this doesn't dilute the immense blessings that touch the souls of listeners.

Fellow minister Stephen Kasolo concurrs that if it were not due to God's grace,  his enemies would have finished him. " Glory to God. Kama sio Mungu maadui wangenimaliza.. oooh this is so powerful.", he said after watching Neema song by Ev Danny Kioko.

In a pinned message to his supporters on his YouTube channel, Danny said Neema's message was meant to inspire them to keep trusting God "and lay all your hopes in Him. Psalms 125.1", he ends.


Sterling performance for renowned gospel artist Caxton Mutambuki

Renowned gospel artist and an evangelist Caxton Vundi  Mutambuki has posted sterling performance in this year's KCPE. He sat the exam at Mwingi Primary School.
Renowned Gospel musician and evangelist Caxton Mutambuki when he sat for KCPE in 2023. He scored 309 marks, a remarkable achievement as he is 41 years old and serves in several busy posts.|COURTESY 

He scored 309 marks. This was according to an SMS from KNEC showing his results seen by MWINGI TIMES.

He is also a business man who owns and runs the Talents Hotel at Waita Market in Mwingi Central.
Caxton Mutambuki with his colleagues at Mwingi Primary School.|COURTESY 

Caxton is 41 years old. He serves as the chairperson of the Kitui County Development Committee. Additionally, he is a programmer  and a leader of Praise and Worship team in Full Gospel Church, Mwingi.

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