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Let's support the empowerment of the boy child

Empowering the boy child strengthens the future father. Every member in the society should be encouraged to create awareness of motivating boys and should also remember that giving your son a skill is better than giving him a thousand pieces of gold.
Second Lady Pastor Dorcas Rigathi is a boy child empowerment champion.|FILE

I should thank our Second Lady Pastor DORCAS RIGATHI for encouraging boy child support.She is the super woman who remembered our boys and she stated ‘’ I am committed to nurturing this collaboration and ensuring that they bear fruits as we work together to positively impact the lives of boy child and vulnerable individual throughout all of the 47 counties in our nation.’’ It is a good idea which has made the boy child feel more motivated. Both genders should be given the same opportunities.

Challenges that have made the boy child not to be empowered include
drug abuse. In our contemporary society, boys are the ones who consume drugs three times more than girls .The cause of this is mainly peer pressure. This is where they observe their friends doing so and they say let's try the same because they see those taking to be living a good life but that’s not the truth.

Scientists have done research and some of these drugs cause diseases like mental disorder, liver cirrhosis and lung cancer which is caused by smoking bhang and tobacco which is not healthy at all.

The government should take measures to enforce laws against drugs and also put accessible and affordable rehabilitation services and rescuing boys from taking it because it robs boys their future.

Negative parental attitude.Many parents and guardians often don’t consider boys. They always assume them as musculinity but instead they should give them skills on how to cope with the boyhood stage and show them what they are expected for in the society,give them positive attitude that they can. When they fail, they should be encourage by telling them nothing is impossible and should soldier on to be better children and conduct seminars that will enable them to acquire relevant information.

Girl child empowerments have overtaken boychild empowerment in the past years which is not fair at all. Parents should treat both gender equally with full love. In many societies, teenage boys are not asked their whereabout but girls are always asked where they have gone and what they were doing. The same should be done to boy child. This will make them to feel they are loved.If we don’t empower young boys who will then marry our girls? This should be a big question to the society .A creative man should be  by the desire to achieve not by the desire to beat others.

Girlfriends too should encourage their boyfriends by telling them to try not only to become men of success but rather to be men of value.Nearly all men can withstand the adversity but if they fail to do so our coming generation will be ruined since most ladies will get men who are not responsible at all. This means women will be  the head of families. This should not be the case if girlfriends take part in motivating and showing them love and care.

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