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COVID-19 changed our lives

In our country Kenya, things have been a bit tough lately, especially with the ongoing issues of conflict between the two countries ;Ukraine and Russia making headlines. Through this international situation, it has created a ripple effect, impacting our country in various ways.
COVID-19 upstaged African countries economies leading to deaths, lay offs and general decline in living standards.|WHO

Our country is coping with these broader issues and it is still sticking together through it all. Our local businesses are feeling  the impact because of what is happening globally.Family owned shops and cafés are trying their best to adapt and keep serving amidst all the challenges .They are greatly showing resilience and dedication to our communities.

Think about the people working hard on the frontlines in our country; from doctors, nurses and grocery store workers.They are heroes ,not just dealing with the ongoing pandemic but also facing challenges of tensions between the two countries .It is a reminder that no matter what is going on globally ,we have people in our country who care about our wellbeing.

People have also been looking out for each other more than ever, especially considering the added stress from the global economic fallout.

Volunteers are helping out with additional support for those affected directly or indirectly .It is heartwarming to see how our country comes together to make sure no one goes through these challenging times alone.

But it is not all easy as the global situation and its effects on our country are challenges we did not expect. However, our country is not relaxing any more. Emergency services ,community groups and other regular people are jumping in to help each other and navigate these tough times together.

With global tensions impacting our country, our communities remain a mix of different opinions and shared values .Talking ,discussinand being part of our country's decisions are how we shape our future together, even in the midst of the international challenges.

In the middle of all these changes ,the stories coming out of our country tell us something of important .It is quite true that we are facing a lot of challenges,including those brought on by the international situation ,but we are also greatly showing strength ,unity and a spirit that defines our nation.

The news about what is happening around us is not just about problems ,it is about how people ,businesses and groups are coming together to make things better. And that is the most powerful kind of news that make us feel proud to call this country our home.

STORY By MBUNGUYU MUMO, Second Year Student at Chuka University pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism and Mass Communication.

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