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Former MP "Katete" dies, cremated as ashes buried at his Kyamboo village

A cleric in Kitui County has urged relatives of fallen kin to expressly and unequivocally grant the wishes the latter made while alive.
Children of the  departed former Kitui North MP, Dr. Justus Kitonga aka Katete,  Jessica Kaingi and Jeremiah Kitonga  and other relatives pay last respects to their father at the burial at Kyamboo village in Mwingi West subcounty in Kitui.|MWINGI TIMES

The pastor for Kyamboo AIC  Church in Mwingi West sub-county, Rev Munyoki Valaani, said honoring the desires of the dead was not only a show of respect but  attracted blessings for bereaved.

The church leader spoke on Saturday at Kyamboo village in Migwani location of Mwingi West as he presided over the burial of the remains of the former Kitui North MP Dr. Justus Kitonga.
Kitonga who was the third MP to represent Kitui North between 1974 and 1979, passed on on last October 23 at his Nairobi home aged 88 years.

And in honour his wishes, his body was cremated at the Kariakor Hindu crematory  in Nairobi on October 29. He is survived by a daughter Jessica Kaingi and son Jeremiah Kitonga.

A nephew of the deceased, Micheal Kitonga, told  the media on the sidelines of the burial  that his uncle left a wish that once his body was  cremated, the ashes be transported to Kitui for burial.
“My uncle had clearly said that the final resting place for his remains should be next to the graves of his late father Kitonga  Itang’a and his  mother, Agnes Mbuthye.“We have granted to his wish,” said the younger Kitonga.

The former chairman of the defunct Mwingi County Council Musyoka Wanzili alias Wamaiyu was curiously the only Kitui politician who attended the burial. He said the area MP Charles Nguna was held up elsewhere.

Rev. Valaani sought to justify the late MP’s wish to have his remains buried at his Kyamboo village home  after cremations as he drew parallel with the case of the remains of the Biblical Joseph.
“Even as the people of Israel left Egypt after years of captivity, Moses ensured he did not leave behind the remains of Joseph so that they could be buried in the land of his people as he had wished,” he said.
The clergyman  however said it was imperative for people, especially people who were advanced in age to make reasonable  wishes that were practicable ahead of their imminent death.
“The elderly, should prepare early and give their wishes including the sharing their wealth and land ahead of death to ward off wrangles  once they passed on,” he warned.

The late Kitonga’s age mate, Dr. Eliud Maluki,  with whom they went to school together lamented that death  had robbed him of a bosom  friend and an exceedingly meek and generous man.
He said that when they were in schools together in Machakos, he was sent home for an examination of Sh.100 and nearly missed registration for the exam were it not for the ingenious action by Kitonga.

“Even as a student, Kitonga incredibly managed  to mobilize fellow Students raise Sh.60 for my examination fee when I was away. 

When he delivered the money to the headteacher, the latter asked teachers to top the Sh. 40 balance. That way by examination fees was paid and I was registered for the test in London, UK,” Maluki told the mourners.

He said during  their school life, up to  to their university days in America in the 1960s, the late Kitonga and him drew closer to each other and they developed and undying friendship and attachment.

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