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KITUI MCAs overwhelmingly kick Deputy Speaker out of office

Deputy Speaker of Kitui County Assembly Christopher Nzilu Nzioka was removed from the post on Wednesday.
Kitui County Assembly Speaker Kevin Kinengo Katisya presides over a session in the House where 41 MCAs voted to remove Deputy Speaker Christopher Nzilu Nzioka. Only 3 opposed. 16 members were absent.

Reading the results of the motion, Speaker Kevin Kinengo Katisya said 41 members supported Nzioka's removal from the position while 3 members voted no. 16 members did not take part in the vote since they were absent. None abstained.
"These are the results of the removal of the Deputy Speaker from office, Honorable Christopher Nzilu Nzioka.", said Speaker Katisya declaring the removal of Deputy Speaker approved by the House.

Moving the motion, Kanyangi MCA Boniface Katula Mukwate read the reasons why they removed the Deputy Speaker. He said Nzyoka had insubordinated the operations of the Assembly. "He has worked tirelessly to ensure he sabotages the operations of the Assembly by employing divide and rule tactics", he said. He was seconded by his Migwani counterpart Harrison Mawia Maluki.

The former Deputy Speaker was accused of lacking impartiality in his conduct of House duties. This caused disharmony in the house hindering the operations of the committees, the MCAs were told.

Nzioka's removal was consistent with county assembly Standing Order number 146 and Kitui County Assembly Act (amended,2020).

Given the significance of office of Deputy Speaker, holders are supposed to conduct themselves in a way that brings honour to the office and with integrity. 

MCA Nzioka's conduct was regarded as not expected of him since he posted on WhatsApp group called Wiper Big 13 and appeared in a local radio station to report matters before the house.

As the former chair of the liason committee, Nzioka was accused of the not convening the meetings as required. He was also accused of abuse of office.


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