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Hope as rains return to Kitui farms

After a more than a week's lulk, rains have returned and are pounding most parts of Kitui County as forecast by the Weatherman.
Rains in Kitui town.|FILE

A spot  check by MWINGI TIMES revealed that many parts of the county received moderate to have rains on Monday night. Farmer from various regions of Kitui turned to social media to thank God upon the return of the rain.   

Earlier, there was palpable anxiety and desperation after the crops that germinated on the onset of the Oct-Dec rains withered after the rains subsided soon after the onset.

According to a rain gauge stationed at Kitui Met Station in Kitui Central sub county, the area received 23.4mm of rains following the Monday night down pour.

Kavoo village in Kanyangi Ward, Kitui Rural got less rains that Kitui Central. It recorded 7.0mm of rains.
According to the diverse rain gauge data we got by press time, Mutha Ward had the least rains on October 30th. It recorded only 5.8mm of rainfall at a station in Makayaa village.

Residents thanked God for the blessings as they embarked in planting for the short rains. A weekly weather forecast released on October 31 by the Kenya Meteorological Department forecast that the county would experiment moderate to heavy rains in most locations.


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