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What companies can learn from resigning staff

Having a huge turnover in an organization is a pointer to a simmering rot inside. Usually, those leaving need peace of mind from a bad boss or are just prophets who saw it coming thus jumping before they were pushed out.
Struggling with depression, Sammy Kioko (not in the photo) resigned from work. How long will Douglas Shikwekwe last in the office full of Naomi's costly demands for workers to deliver? It appears it is a perfect chance to get back at Kioko in a cold revenge. |SK ENTERTAINMENT

At times, it is the best who go. And those who remain ponder on how long they will stay around . It may be a matter about feelings but the economy doesn't give a damn. 

Sammy Kioko resigned from a company where as fate would have it, his ex was a direct supervisor. Naomi never saw anything good for writing home about. Home here meaning the Boss Okumu.

While the seventh episode is loaded with sexual harassment to the discomfort of Naomi, it tells much of mixing heartbreak and work.

It is out of revenge that Naomi rants while ordering Shikwekwe and Sammy around. And this is out of trivial things like table arrangement and files which no one has confirmed if indeed they were late for submission to her office "for signing".

Granted, Sammy arrived at work quite late and left early. But he wasn't warned. 

Sometimes, exiting is better than a long drawn out fight that will end in defeat. Sammy's resignation is a loss to the former company that hired his two mamas and his brother Shikwekwe.

History is full of empires whose greatness was punctured by pride, arrogance and women. It's a cardinal consequence that Sammy's love triangle would explode. The question was when.


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