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If your goat is well fed and heavy, you're in real income generating activity as a Tseikuru farmer.
Tseikuru market. |FILE

To confirm above qualities, buyers lift the animals as well as touch them to see if they have the required meat in their ribs and necks. 

Small-sized male goats are fast moving commodities in Tseikuru as buyers flock markets to sample what sellers have.  They go for any price from KSh 3,500. The medium sized ones retail between KSh 5,000 and KSh 9,000. The biggest billies [nthenge]start with an asking price of KSh 13,000. 

Brokers were quick to whisper to our team that they are pushing the sellers to accept 10,000 shillings. But sellers were reluctant to move an inch.

Sheep prices remained relatively attractive with a middle sized ndúme going for at least KSh 7,000. This is an appreciation of 2,000 shillings compared to two months ago.


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