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Students urged to apply for funding before portal closes

Students joining universities now have been reminded to apply for government funding as soon as they can to avoid being locked out when the funding portal closes. University of Embu Vice Chancellor Prof. Daniel Mugendi, who is also the chairperson of the Vice Chancellors' Committee, said students who were experiencing difficulties logging into the portal and completing the application process should seek assistance from their respective schools' IT departments so that they are not left out when evaluation for funding level starts.
Embu University Vice Chancellor Prof.Daniel Mugendi addressing the new students at the University on September 14, 2023|MWINGI TIMES

Prof Mugendi was speaking at the University of Embu grounds when he conducted the university's Freshers' Matriculation Ceremony.
The VC said the youth today are beset by many problems and could lose their way if they do not  manage their new-found freedom properly. He said the new students need to avoid immersing themselves into the college social life to an extent where their academic life suffers.
He advised them to manage their upkeep money properly by avoiding habits that could eat up all their money in a short time and then they be left in hardships.

The University boss said some students drink away their money and others engage in gambling and before they know it, they have nothing. He said many young people have become addicted to drugs to an extent where they are unable to attend their lessons, leading to academic failure. 

The don told the  students they will be expected to observe academic integrity at all times, warning that examination cheating is punished by expulsion from the university.
Saying the students should be satisfied with what they have, they should avoid  being desirous of things they can ill afford, which may tempt them to engage in crime and other social vices such as prostitution and the "sponsor culture".

He told the new students that they come from different regions of the country and social backgrounds and urged them to embrace diversity and make new friendships that will lead to fostering national peace and unity.

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  1. HELB disadvantages the poor students who take it and fail to pay. Hizo clearances zitawasumbua sana kama serikali haitazitoa kama requirement ya job seeking. Education should be free everywhere


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