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Researchers call for data utilization to solve problems

Research experts have criticized data overload in the internet suggesting that vast amount of data has not led to problem solving.
University of Embu

Experts emphasize that effective analysis and interpretation of data  are essential components to extract meaningful insights from the data for proper policy making.

Speaking during a public lecture organized at the University of Embu , Embu University CIT department chairman Dr David Mugo  lamented that despite Internet having large amounts of data, a lot of it has not been able to solve problems facing  Health, Finance and Agriculture sectors. 

David said that there was need to bring together interactive discussion that could bring solutions to address those challenges adding that the public lectures organized at University of Embu was a good platform for the interactions and square how to analyze data to better the living of locals.

"Today we are facing data overload in the internet but despite having excess data, It has not helped us solve problems in Health, Finance and Agriculture, we need to come up with proper ways of using the data to solve the issued we have", he said

The University of Embu Vice Chancellor Prof. Daniel Mugendi lauded the forum saying it was good as interpretation of complex data that has not been harnessed in the past will lead to helpful discoveries that are essential to human life.
Prof. Mugendi encouraged the researchers to use the discussion as an opportunity to engage in thought provoking discussions and cultivate connections that would lead to collaboration with potential partners in bid to change the world.

Also in the event, Embu University Deputy Vice Chancellor Kiplagat Kotut said that incorrect use of data led to many risks in the society and when data is used correctly the risks could be eliminated.


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