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Pride precedes Naomi's fall from grace

It is emerging to Abbie that Naomi's success was the cold revenge served by Mr Okum to get back after what appeared to be a brief stay together.  Now filled with pride and arrogance, she can spit venom at Sammy Kioko, her former partner. After all, she is an independent woman who is not begging a man to supply miserable shillings for a vacay.
Mercy (left) and Abbie on their way out after discussing how today's connections depend on who cares. While Mercy is happy Naomi got a new job, Abbie is not since it is her ex Mr Okum who is boss and appears to have ignored her plight in job search.|SK ENTERTAINMENT

We don't yet know the full extent of harm Sammy will suffer under his ex as a supervisor but hell hath no furry. Caveat: just doing this for laughs not meant for nosy news.

Back to our sixth episode of MEN CAN LIE. There is a glaring conflict of interest for a former couple to supervise and report to a manager who is attached to one of them. A vicious cycle of chaos. 

Sammy attracts sympathy although he asked for it for being an irresponsible dude who cannot man up. It's now clear that his goose is cooked.

Naomi ought to do Sammy a single favour. Let the "prodigal son" have his space rather than be bullied and cursed by everyone with an axe to grind: Okum and Naomi. 

As if there were supernatural powers directing the turn of events, Abbie just arrived in time to take on rogue boss who is bent on some escapades disguised as favours for free and fab.


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