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Presidential term limit not a priority for Kenyans-Katisya

There are more pressing issues affecting Kenyans than the presidential term limits, Kitui County Speaker Kevin Kinengo Katisya told the nation on Monday morning while appearing in a breakfast show on KBC television.
Speaker of Kitui County Assembly Kevin Kinengo Katisya when he appeared in the national broadcaster KBC morning talk show on September 25, 2023.

The young lawyer said that the high cost of living had adversely pushed Kenyans to dire straits as the cost of fuel and maize flour was beyond reach for majority of wananchi.

He said that Nandi Senator Samson Cherargei's proposal that the president's term limit be amended from five to seven years was only possible through referendum to amend the 2010 Constitution. He also added that the electoral body IEBC should be reformed.

Katisya dismissed increasing presidential term limits as Kenya was not a mature democracy. He added that changing the top office in the land's tenure will attract calls to increase term limits of all other elective seats. "If you touch on the term limit of the president, remember to touch on that of governor, MP, Senator, woman represent, everyone".

The Kitui County Assembly Speaker revealed that as the legislative body of county government, they are advocating for financial autonomy of the county assemblies as well as formation of the Ward Development Fund. They wrote to the National Dialogue Committee on this.

He said the ruling Kenya Kwanza government should work for Kenyans instead of blaming the former government of president Uhuru Kenyatta. "When you assume office, you assume office the way it is. The current leadership should not blame former president Uhuru government. They should take charge" , he said.

Speaking to the Nation newspaper, a section of legislators decried what they termed as as allowing seven year presidential term will be a precursor for "president for life". Article 136 (2) (a) of the constitution stipulates that a president can only serve for a five year term and is only eligible once to serve in the same capacity.

Members of the opposition expressed concerns that if the ruling UDA party gets its way, it will reignite the electoral cycle that was rolled by former president Moi in 1992 when he sought a fresh mandate.


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