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Manager sets up Sammy to fail

Weighed down by depression and "feeling bad about it", Naomi is determined to break the chains of control by her MEN CAN LIE show partner Sammy Kioko. An appetized desire by Mr Okum, a boss full of braggadocio and sideshows welcomes her. This is both seething and irritating.
Is it luck for Naomi, karma for Sammy or both? Naomi's deal sounds too good to be true. Add that to the vulnerability of heartbreak and loss of livelihood. Misery loves company.|SK ENTERTAINMENT

Episode 5 is very short, Mr James Kivuvo MWINGI TIMES reader says. That's true because it's only 17.45 minutes long and the full piece per episode is usually twice today's work.

What we think is coming out is an unsuspecting and unchecked office romance harassment where Naomi will fall prey to Okum's advances because she got the job without being shortlisted and interviewed. She, however, didn't tell us which other way she succeeded in landing the job. This is Kenya, after all. Never forget that.

Away from creating new memories and new circumstances, Sammy is shifty in his focus of a dream many covet. He thinks lying to the boss that he can't make it to job is okay. 

As a cost of comradeship, Shikwekwe had to "kill Sammy's grandmother" as an excuse for another ghost working episode of Sammy. Thankless, he never tipped him yet he did all the heavy lifting.

This edition appears to introduce some norms that are considered weak in today's Masculinity Saturday morning on Twitter by @amerix. Simping for the sake of peace of mind is fine, says Douglas. And buying flowers. Looks like a colonial vestige that never actually died 60 years later.

Worst betrayal of self is prioritizing others' needs and benching own. "People are thinking about investments. You're thinking about heartbreak 💔", Sammy, a career simp is told by Douglas Shikwekwe.


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