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KATOMBI "attacks" Gospel artists in his new song Ataîwe

JUST how high is the moral threshold for Gospel artists in Kenya? Are they judged too harshly or they have an inherent human weakness that cannot be ignored? Kamba urban musician Alex Kasau Katombi addresses this in his new song titled Ataiwe [Praise God].
A screen grab from Alex Kasau Katombi new song called Ataîwe.

Katombi accuses Gospel artists of commiting many sins including fornication and venturing into the secular music which he sings. 

As a custodian of morality, the Church is brought under sharp focus in growing talents for the Gospel ministry on the one hand and taming the wayward celebrity flock.

Five hours after release, the song Ataiwe by Katombi was viewed about 50,000 times and attracted slightly above 1,700 views. This is what some of Kisinga listeners said: 
Dalmas Mwangangi: It is wonderful praising God. God created you to praise Him brother Alex.
Wendo Blessing: And again I don't regret selling my land to buy data bundles to watch your music.

Another viewer declared that Wilberforce Musyoka was the number one Gospel artist in Ukambani while Katombi was the best Benga singer in the Lower Eastern region.


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