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Ruguru-Ngandori ward representative Muturi Mwombo has rubbished claims that he attended a meeting at Manyatta market and rubbished its leadership. While calling for the practice of professional journalism, the MCA said that some media houses were hellbent on tarnishing his reputation through imbalanced sensational reporting.
Ruguru Ngandori Ward Rep Muturi Mwombo

A furious Muturi at the same time warned his political detractors against dragging him into “market politics” saying he was more preoccupied with his ward’s development agenda than petty rhetoric. He as well advised reporters to contact him for clarification before going on air with any news that touches on him even remotely because he is a County leader whose standing matters to his people.

The MCA was responding to reports by two vernacular stations claiming that he had been involved in a verbal spat with Manyatta market chairman Kinyua wa Makara, causing civil disobedience.

Unconfirmed reports indicated that traders at the market demanded for an apology from the leader and refused to pay levies to the County Government over the perceived disrespectful remarks.

He said he had neither set foot in Manyatta market nor engaged the chairman in exchanges of any nature; political or personal, terming the claims by traders as “sponsored political mudslinging”. Muturi expressed his disgust over the matter but swore that he would not be drawn into "meaningless fights" but would instead focus on delivering on his campaign pledges and ensuring that Ruguru-Ngandori ward prospers during his tenure.

He also urged his political opponents to respect the fact that he is the elected MCA until 2027 and asked them to give him ample time to execute his mandate before they give the seat another jab after four years.

The MCA asserted that no amount of provocation, slander or intimidation would dampen his resolve to lead as a Ward Representative, daring his political adversaries to try harder to get into his nerves.


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