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How to secure your social media account

Distress alerts pop up on various social media platforms about compromised accounts whose users have lost control. In our today's post, MWINGI TIMES enables you to take back control from the malicious users online.
Keeping hackers away from social media accounts is a daily devotion for all ardent netizens.

To start us off, link your social media account to your own phone number and email where you can personally manage it. Avoid relying on third parties to secure your account. 

The second way to secure the free publicity virtual space is by enabling a two -factor authentification. This is where a user is prompted to wait for a code from either a phone number or email account after they try accessing your coveted social media account. 

You can also add a third layer of security such as your face or fingerprint. A hacker cannot crack all these levels of security to access your account. Unless of course, you're in deep digital slumber.

Since most hackers go to your contact list to solicit for funds from your unsuspecting friends and family, back up all contacts with your email account rather than keeping them only in phone book. That will enable you restore them after you recover your account.

Don't use your name or date of birth and other commonly available information as your password in the Facebook account. Use a multifactorial combination of numbers, symbols and letters as your password. Make it long such to at least eight characters. Have a mix of both lower and upper case letters as part of your password in no particular order. The hacker should not have easy time guessing your password.

Lastly, disable phone number swapping of all your contacts that are linked to social media. This will enable you to both secure your mobile money and social media accounts.  Even if you lose both your phone and line, the hacker cannot replace that contact without your national ID. Let hackers have no entry point of all of your virtual platforms. 


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