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FRUSTRATED by cheating spouse, Naomi moves on

In a world of shaky situationships, few survive the allure to cheat and the adrenaline that come with the adventure.
Naomi (right) listening to advice from Abbie shortly after her break up with Sammy.|SK ENTERTAINMENT 

In the midst of all this panacea, Douglas Shikwekwe and his partner friend Mercy are celibate. Or let's just say, they're fasting to pray for some spiritual manifestations. This is Men Can Lie Episode 4.

The script is becoming boring with telling coincidence. Ironically, such is life. Life bores. Just as Naomi broke up with Sammy only to end up staying with her real "enemy", Abbie. 

But should she apologize for being fit for surviving the vain and vague victory of worldly pleasures? Let's not judge Abbie so much.  It's too early. Plus none is holy.

Naomi is still the main man in this spellbinder. She just has some attitude that is intriguing. Always serious and very observant. That's why she caught a cheating Sammy. 

At MWINGI TIMES Entertainment, we hope it shall be well and Chozi la Mnyonge Malipo kwa Mungu.

Let's see if Naomi will turn a page in doing something for a living since she told the boss she does nothing. But Abbie thinks otherwise. Can't ex's remain exs? It's a haunted home, this.


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