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Chicken prices fall in Tseikuru market

The livestock market prices remained stagnant in Tseikuru, Mwingi North Sub County on Thursday. A large billy retailed from KSh13,000 in the early morning according to Mr Pius Mutemi, a broker specializing in buying and selling goats, chicken and bulls.
Chicken market at Makutano open air market in Tseikuru location, Mwingi North.|MWINGI TIMES 

Mr Mutemi told MWINGI TIMES that prices fluctuate depending on the weight and how well built the livestock is. His colleague Mr Isaac Munyoki agreed say, "When the goat is physically strong, it fetches high prices unlike the frail ones".

A midsized he-goat retailed at around KSh5,000 while a female one was going for KSh6,000.

In the pourtry section, the prices had dropped. In a makeshift stopover at Tseikuru -Kora junction, a chicken seller said that on a good day, he makes about KSh 1,500. Soon after, a seller arrived declaring he was selling his chicken at KSh 800 but ended selling at KSh 550 after haggling. Such chicken usually retail between KSh 800 and KSh 1,000. Again, here, weight was considered when negotiating prices as the chicken prices climb when the kilos are more than when it is lighter.


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