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Team pledges to mobilize mwananchi constitution change

Eminent personalities have reignites the constitution amendment drive, 13 years after it was promulgated. The group dubbed Promoters of Popular Initiative, the group is led by constitutional lawyer PLO Lumumba and The Green Thinking Action party leader Isaac Kalua. The statement was also signed by Ms Chepngetich Knight, Ms Ruth Muthami and Mr Mark Matunga.
Lawyer Patrick Lumumba, addressing the press on 27th August 2023 at Karen Greens Estate,flanked by The Green Thinking Action Party (GTAP) leader Isaac Kalua(Left)and member of Eminent Kenyans Mark Matunga(Right).|COURTESY

During a press conference in Nairobi, Kalua said that the issue of winner-take-it-all in elections should be addressed in the amendments.

Senior Counsel Lumumba on his part said that offices that were created without being envisaged in the constitution should be examined. They include the office of Prime Cabinet Secretary and Chief Administrative Secretaries.
"We have seen the creation of the prime cabinet secretary and chief administrative secretary's offices that are not directly mentioned in the constitution and we are saying the time is now to check the Executive architecture and satisfy ourselves that it can work within our means", said PLO Lumumba.

The panel of eminent persons thing the constitution should be amended to help curb runaway corruption that has severally crippled various government institutions when scandals break out.

Past attempts to amend the constitution failed. They included the former president Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga's Building Bridges Initiative [BBI] which was struck down by the Supreme Court. Kenyans are not yet convinced that creation of new offices improve public service delivery or it is a conduit to burden them with more taxes and reward cronies.

The proposed areas to look at for amendment were Leadership and Integrity, National Elections, the structure of the Legislature and Representation.

Others were Independent Commissions and Offices as well as the structure of both the National Executive and Devolution.


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