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Why MP Nzengu is a man to watch in Ukambani politics

Eng Paul  Nzengu, Member for Mwingi North Constituency is a man of large appetites. He eats life with a spade,not a big spoon.Hes not the kind of man to be lost in a crowd.He fills every room both literally and figuratively. The man from Kamuvwongo has a sharp tongue and even a more cutting wit.I watched him perform before the Lands Committee a fortnight ago and concluded that he has a tonne of emotional intelligence. 
From left, Mwingi North MP Eng. Paul Nzengu and Mwingi West M.P Charles Nguna at Kitui Show Grounds during the opening ceremony of 2023 Kitui County Agricultural Show and Trade Fair.|MWINGI TIMES

Among Mwingi North top politicians, he is a rare true Philosopher King.He's carving out a  space for himself and stands a chance to reap big in fullness of time.

Lets dig deeper. Engineer Nzengu isn't a novel face to Kenyans.He is had his share of controversies since he joined Parliament in 2017.He has been criticised by small-time politicians as heavy handed.

His low point came when he lost to Mr Munuve in 2013 following the botched Wiper Primaries.

Engineer Nzengu is among the minuscule cadre of younger leaders who could very well go all the way to the top in our lifetime.I have a confession to make, Nzengu for a long time worked in Muthungue village as a water technocrat, a multimillion project funded by the European Union.He was congratulated by the Whites for the perfect project and accounting for every coin including the few coins his workers used in softening palettes in Ngururuni and Muka Mukuu local dens.

By all accounts, Eng Nzengu was an excellent academic leader and policy wonk during his work with Malili Contractors and Engineers company.He holds a degree from Moi University. He is one of the few accomplished, worldly and erudite senior officials in the state.

I don't think Mwingi Northerners had seen Eng Nzengu in his true element until last year's August election. In a do or die,What English men call a "Obama-Puttin" Moment.Eng Nzengu took Mr Munuve and his brigade to the cleaners.

I would be a happy man to see Hon Nzengu charting his way forward,I overheard him speaking about how he should be re-elected for a third time in Mwingi North Constituency at some burial in Katakani village,Kyuso Ward. The burial was attended by dozens of Mwingi North leaders including Hon Muema Nduku who was complaining about IEBC discrepancies in  last year's Election.

There aren't many high profile competitors in that relatively youth league.MP Nzengu is in a pole position because Northerners only elect those with experience and a track record and he has got lots of it.

Like him or hate him,Eng Nzengu is now firmly in the public zeitgeist as a possible future head of state. He is the third Kamba since the late Mutula Kilonzo and Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka with a clear shot.


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