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CONFIRMED:Measles outbreak in Tseikuru

Residents have expressed concerns about cases of measles in Mwingi North, Kitui County. Speaking to MWINGI TIMES on Wednesday morning, a health official confirmed knowing about the measles outbreak. He said they have been treating the outbreak since first case was reported. A renowned health practitioner in Tseikuru has independently confirmed this.
Skin rashes on the shoulder of a young girl infected by measles in this file photo we have used for illustration. |FILE

Parents in Tseikuru have urged the government to move with speed in combatting the highly contagious infection which has mostly affected children.

According to the World Health Organization, WHO, measles is a highly contagious infectious disease which is transmitted by air or via contact with an infected person.

"Show me your hand. I can see you have rashes. I'll take you to hospital" said a mother of a young girl in Tseikuru township sub location.

WHO warns that "no specific antiviral treatment exists for measles". It recommends antibiotic treatment for eye and ear infections as well as pneumonia.

Mama Marima Kilonzo, an elderly woman said that the disease used to cause blindness if not treated. She said that some of the traditional methods they used were applying the blood of a slaughtered chicken or powder of boabob fruits on the body of the infected person. These traditional methods are no longer used. 

Common symptoms of measles infection include high fever, a runny nose, red and watery eyes and small white spots inside the cheeks.

Any non-immune person is at risk of infection by measles, says WHO.

Persons reported to be highly at risk of measles infection apart from the non-vaccinated according to WHO are pregnant persons and those living in countries with poor healthcare systems especially in Africa and Asia.


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