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Son sues alleged land grabbers over late father's property

A court battle is brewing in Embu over the ownership of a prime property located in Runyenjes town, Embu East sub county.
A signpost showing Runyenjes Law Courts. 

According to court papers seen by MWINGI TIMES, the land was initially owned by the late  Abdullah Nyagah Rongai. He acquired the title deed in 1994.

Upon Mzee Nyaga's death, his son Henry Gitare Nyagah assumed ownership of the land which was transferred to him as per the Land Succession 17 of 2018.

The courts went on to allow Gitare to subdivide the land to his siblings on November 6, 2019.

As he was subdividing the land with surveyors he had hired, he found part of the land was already occupied.

Upon learning this newest development on October 2, 2020, he filed an injunction in court to have those who had grabbed his family property removed from it.

On December 8, he court granted him an order to remove those who had grabbed the land and built houses there.

Those cited as respondents in this case are Mr Robert Kinyua Nthiga, Focus Realtors, World Harvest Christian Church, Benson Kariuki Trading Traders among others.


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