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Smart liar nearly caught by suspecting partner

Were it not for being forgetful and careless, cheating men could never be caught. This cannot be truer than to Sammy Kioko who forgot his red coat in a sofa set only for his side chick to invite friends who included his wife. The keen wife Naomi saw the coat and this piqued her curiosity to investigate further.
Ms Faith Mutethya plays Abbie role in the second episode of MEN CAN LIE. The show is premised on tricks and tactics men unleash in various cheating encounters; some unearthed due to their reckless abandon.|SAMMY KIOKO

Sammy Kioko forgot to tell Abbie not to call when he is home. This too was nearly unearthed  as it raised eyebrows of chukua simu.

In the intricate web of lying, one lie is not enough to cover the already torn coat of lies. For this second EPISODE OF MEN CAN LIE, it is okay to portray Luos as romantic and honest to keeping their words on dates and shopping.

Kambas come off as restless cassanovas. It may be stereotypical but there is some bit of truth in it, however little.

Naomi: Jaluos know the importance of their words. [such as keeping dates and shopping promises]
Sammy: Ujaluo imetoka wapi?
Naomi: Sasa mtu hawezi taja makabila kwa hii nyumba?
Sammy: Ata kama mimi ni mMkamba, lazima unidharau?

Sammy was aware that he was lying. That's why he is playing victim.  Be that as it may, men, you better be careful when lying. Or never do it because you'll be caught. After all, set a thief to catch a thief. 


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