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Police probing Mwingi assault case

Police are investigating an alleged assault incident that occured in Mwingi town, Mwingi Central Sub County Police Commander Abdul Malisha has confirmed.
Demostrators supporting Kazuri hotel owner Ms Rhoda Musyoka carry placards in her support in Mwingi town.|MWINGI TIMES 

The Mwingi Central police boss told the media that both Mwingi Central MP Dr Gedion Mulyungi and Kazuri hotel owner Ms Rhoda Musyoka reported being assaulted. 

On Tuesday evening, Mwingi town was scene to a clash between two rival groups with one supporting area MP Mulyungi and the other Ms Musyoka. Musyoka's supporters waved placards denouncing what they termed as disrespecting local business leaders by MP Dr Gedion Mulyungi.
Mwingi Central MP Dr Gedion Mulyungi supporters in Mwingi town. They made processions backing him. They had load speakers and three cars.

Soon after the demonstrations of Ms Rhoda Musyoka backers,  Mulyungi supporters flooded the streets of Mwingi municipality. They spotted three cars and big loud speakers.

Earlier, Mwingi Central MP Dr Gedion Mulyungi had stormed Ms Rhoda Musyoka's Kazuri hotel and allegedly assaulted her as they exchanged bitter verbal encounters.

In their protest, Ms Rhoda Musyoka's supporters said MP Mulyungi disrespected womenfolk. Most of Ms Musyoka's supporters were women among them former Mwingi township MCA Ms Mary Kanini.

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