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The hidden cost of cheating entails lots of tears, shouting and cries. Warmth is replaced by cold and lonely hearts that feel nothing, except the sound of a cheating boyfriend calling his side chick in the wee hours of night while holed up in the toilet.
Abbie gestures during the third episode of MEN CAN LIE. That call she made caused a tiff between Sammy and Naomi leading to their separation.

Naomi is a tormented soul. She calls Mercy to help carry her luggage to avoid further crash in an already collapsed relationship. Resolute and brave, Naomi doesn't want further evidence that Sammy is a glutton who cheats for the sake of it.

Sammy is already embroiled in an office thing that he did little to hide from her girlfriend, Naomi. His boss was unknowingly sucked into the panacea.

The sensible Shikwekwe advises his brother to limit fornicating. " Bro, let me tell you. You are cheating and your life is about to go south", he warns him.

Sammy mistook Naomi's silence as a weakness. He didn't know he was being investigated. Being neglected, Naomi's hair remains unattended when Sammy's side chick Abbie dons the fashionable Afro hairstyles.

Sometimes it takes guts to follow your instincts because 90% of the time, they are true.

The brief fun wasn't worth it. Men never count losses. It won't be surprising if or when Sammy repeats his costly mistake in the upcoming episodes.


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