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GLADYS MAWIA:My cup is overflowing with God's grace

Dear readers, in our continuing series of offering a platform for our artists to showcase their talents, today we are privileged to have a Christian Worship Singer and Minister GLADYS MAWIA with us. Below is the interview with MWINGI TIMES Editor Musyoka Ngui.

Worship Revolution Band lead singer Gladys Mawia.|MWINGI TIMES 

1. Three years into the Gospel Ministry and counting, how has that transformed your personal life as well as career?

Well, God's grace has been sufficient since He's the one I'm serving. It's His work, His ministry. His grace and faithfulness have been overwhelming and this far, so far so good. 

The impact that has had generally in my life is that the grace flows and overflows into all the other areas/aspects in my life. The more the cup fills in Ministry, the more it overflows to the other areas.

There has also been evident growth. I have gotten more exposure and more networks over time.

I am definitely serving God's purpose and grateful that since I began music ministry, I'm serving Him more and more through that.

2. We had an interesting observation from a certain worship singer who said that instrumentalists rarely worship during the Sunday Service because they are the ones playing keyboard and other instruments in the Church. It was also said that some do not give offerings during the service. Is it true?

It is both true and untrue. Some instrumentalists are like that, others aren't. There are those who understand that it is not only about their skill, that it is service and ministry just as the singers and preachers do. They are committed in service and live righteously, not being oblivious of Christian obligations like giving or worshipping at personal levels.

On the other hand, some instrumentalists are jokers, and fit into the description above. Of which I'd say it stems from a foundation of pride since playing instruments is not a common skill. The skill being with the minority also brings about dependency which makes some immature instrumentalists feel a sense of entitlement to do what they feel like and forego what they don't.

It is all a question maturity in the things of the Spirit and Worship dynamics.

3. Which projects do you consider to be your biggest highlights in the Gospel music industry? 

Releasing my original music and doing the Worship Revolution Worship events with my band( The Worship Revolution Band). So far, we did season one with the University of Nairobi and are hoping to do many more.

While I've done live worship ministrations and covers of songs done by other people, working on my own original compositions and releasing them out there is priceless.

Releasing "Zaidi " and "Support and Strength " are so far my highlights. The impact those two songs have had is immense. Glory to God.
4. Your debut album Zaidi was and is still a big hit. If an upcoming artist has a dream has you had long ago, where should he or she start?

The first thing I would advise as a minister, not as an artist is make sure you've heard God clearly. Everything whose origin is God prospers and He ensures to see it's completion and fulfillment. That's to tell you if you are doing it for God, you cannot do it without Him. He should be the starter, inspiration, guide, giver of material and provider of resources, the lifter and the support and strength. Then you'll attain success, good success that is also long term.

Secondly as an artist, your focus should be on quality work. The Word in itself is art. So you must ensure that the artistry is not lacking, which translates into working on your craft. Build yourself enough. Learn. 

Patience is also a virtue that will come in handy, as well as humility and wisdom. 

With all the above, you are good to go. Go after your dreams, they are valid. Who knows? It may all work out but you'll never know unless you try out.

5. Do you offer live performances and other event services? How can clients in need of such reach you?

Yes I do. But what I do is ministry, not performance.
Any parties who would like the service of my ministry are welcome. They can reach out for me individually or I and my whole band( both vocalists and instrumentalists). This applies to churches, individuals, groups, schools etc.
I can be reached via all social media platforms @gladysmawiamusic or my email;

6. Tell us a bit about your  newest worship song on YouTube.

Well, recently I have done several cover songs but the most recent original song is called " Support and Strength". The supporter and strengthener being God Himself. 

It is a song I wrote as a testimony of who God has been in my life and also as an encouragement to those going through situations that God is their support and strength.

Thank you.

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