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Kyuso man dies after killing partner over cheating

A man from Kamuwongo division, Kyuso district killed his girlfriend having tortured her with beatings and gouging her eyes. He fled the scene and went into hiding for two days before he was arrested by members of the public who waited for police to take action against the suspect.
Members of the public look on as police carry Mr Mutati Mwaniki, a suspect who killed his girlfriend after subjecting her to harsh beatings and gouging her eyes out. The angry wananchi descended on him and injured him after the incident. He died on the way to Mwingi Level Four Hospital.|MWINGI TIMES

Speaking to MWINGI TIMES, a local government official said Mr Mutati Mwaniki was attacked by irate members of the public after the heinous incident in Malatani village. 

The administrator said the man was a friend to the lady who was married as Kaweto. "He was a friend to a lady who was married as Kaweto. He was having an affair with her for some days", said the official in an exclusive phone interview with our reporter. 

Kaweto is a Kamba  customary marriage where a lady "marries" another and allows her to have a relationship with men to get children. This usually is due to infertility or other reasons such as preserving the family lineage.

It was said that when Mutati Mwaniki returned home, he found the lady had been having an affair with another man. This, according to the officer, is what irked Mutati Mwaniki.

The security officer alluded that Mr Mwaniki's wife has since fled to Garissa. It was not clear if the estranged relationship is the one that strained their marriage.

He died on the way to Mwingi Level Four Hospital for treatment. His body is at Kyuso morgue.


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