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KAVONOKYA sect a major cause of Measles spread in Tseikuru

KAVONOKYA sect is a major cause of the spread of measles outbreak that has been witnessed in Tseikuru location, Mwingi North, a health officer managing the disease has said.
Tseikuru Sub County Hospital. Health officers have been managing the spread of highly contagious Measles disease for close to a month. It is locally called Múkaambí.|MWINGI TIMES 

He told MWINGI TIMES that the most affected sub location was Kalimbui which has the highest population of Kavonokya adherents. "The most affected are children under five years and mostly Kavonokya sect in Kalimbui area", he said.

Kavonokya sect does not believe in seeking medication when sick. As such, their children are not vaccinated. 

This is worrying health officers in Mwingi North Sub County as it makes the kids at risk to contract the disease and spread it. It is highly contagious.

We have established that the measles spread in Tseikuru district peaked when schools were open as this made interaction among learners close, exposing them to the viral pathogens. It has since drastically dropped after closure of school, the health officer told MWINGI TIMES.

No fatalities have been confirmed since measles disease broke out in Tseikuru Ward. Data about the number of affected households was not immediately available by press time.

WHO says that measles spreads when an infected person breathes , coughs or sneezes. It can cause severe disease, complications and even death.


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