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"I wish I knew Kamba relationships are dry

With stars delving into every day human activities, Men Can Lie is both relatable and worth the wait before passing adverse judgment.
Naomi (left)) and Mercy in the inaugural episode of Men Can Lie that premiered on Friday August 11, 2023.|SK ENTERTAINMENT

Men lie for different reasons; for convenience, for being selfish and to protect the truth.

But it is not only men who lie. The title is steeped in gender bias and discrimination. 

Most notable liars who lift the "lying trophy" in this first episode are Sammy Kioko's boss Okumu, Shikwekwe and of course Sammy Kioko.

S.K Entertainment has done other Afrotainment shows such as Kwa Vonza, Sweet Moyo, Janesis and Brathe. 
A major gap in the first edition is the preoccupation with portrayal of stereotypes rather than dealing with a person at fault on their own merit. That Sammy is a Kamba,  his conduct is suspected to be aided by witchcraft. Douglas Shikwekwe, a Luhya is "trapped" with food by being given favors to sign client files by Mr Kioko in return for  him being sent cash to buy food. 

However, popular stereotypes have an advantage of casting the positive side of what to celebrate in our tribes such as beauty and taste for finesse.

Ukambani is chided as a dry area. With most of southeastern Kenya being arid land, it is both funny and true to say: I wish I knew Kamba relationships are dry.


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