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Elected leaders need our support to deliver-Chief Officer

A Kitui County chief officer who lost the Ngomeni MCA seat in last general election said he was at home with the position he holds and he was no longer interested in politics.
Mr Peter Musya the Kitui County Chief officer for transport and boda boda.|MWINGI TIMES 

I am not a loser. As the people of Ngomeni, we are not losers. We wanted a goat but God delivered a cow for us. All we have to do is thank and praise God,” said Peter Musya on Sunday.
Musya who holds the transport and boda boda docket in Kitui County government was addressing a thanks-giving  ceremony at his rural home in Ngomeni ward. 

He said that he has shunned politicking "to give  development and progress in the area a chance". Musya said he was no longer interested in politicking. He added that he was not only supportive of MCA Nzungi Ngwele but would work with him to ensure he delivers on his mandate.

The Chief Officer further said he closed ranks with the MCA because he had established that he was an invaluable asset for the people of Ngomeni ward. He further said that due to the fact that Ngwele had showed a resolve to  work with his boss, governor Julius Malombe, he had thus decided to give him easy time to do his work unperturbed.

Musya said that it gave him immeasurable pleasure that Ngwele had a soft spot for Malombe as that gave the governor two formidable henchmen in himself and the MCA in Ngomeni ward.
He at the same time  also called on the local residents to shun detractors engaging in incessant political talk that adversely affected development in the larger Mwingi North constituency as well.
“I am not interested in politics. I beseech  the people of Ngomeni to allow our MP to carry out his development programme without undue detraction,” he said.
He  said he was aware there were people who would wish to take on the local MP, Paul Nzengu, in the next election but it was only fair that the MP be allowed time deliver on development until his time elapses. "We are  just smarting from voting a short while ago. Curiously, the names  of possible future MP for our area are being floated. These people should hold their horses until after five years,”  he said.

He said he was vouching for Nzengu because the MP was to a large extent collaborating with and was also 100 per cent supportive of governor Malombe.  “The message  I have for you from the governor is that we must support all leaders who have been elected by the people. No leader should be  undermined,” he said.


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