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Young officer died after quarrel with wife, police say

Five days after a fatal shooting that killed a police officer and injured his wife, Mwingi residents are yet to come to terms with the horrific incident.
The late police officer Michael Kyalo and his late wife Brenda Kangai/COURTESY 

According to a police report seen by MWINGI TIMES, police constable Michael Kyalo shot his wife Brenda Kangai Kimanzi before he died by suicide.

..."shot his wife identified as Brenda Kangai Kimanzi on the left thigh and turned the rifle on himself", read a police report dated July 7,2023 in part.

The police confirmed that the fatal bullet by the police officer was through his head where it entered through the chin and exited on top of his head.

They added that the deceased returned to his house and picked a quarrel with the wife "which regrettably ended in his shooting of wife and himself", said the Bondo police boss in an OB. The officer Michael Kyalo died on the spot.

The wounded wife was rushed to Bondo Sub County Hospital in a serious condition.  Police are investigating the incident by press time.

Wife dies

Ms Brenda Kangai Kimanzi, wife to a police officer who died by suicide, is no more. She passed on at Bondo Sub County Hospital while undergoing treatment.

A shooting ensued after a domestic quarrel where police constable Michael Kyalo shot his wife on the thigh after a domestic quarrel, police said on July 7 in a report.

She was rushed to Bondo Sub County Hospital for emergency treatment.

Police said that the officer had been deployed for court orderly duties armed with an A-47 rifle.

Brenda's body was preserved at the Bondo Sub County Hospital morgue awaiting postmortem and further police action.

An earlier edition of this story used a wrong photo. MWINGI TIMES apologizes to the family of the deceased and that of mistaken identity source. The photo has been deleted and correct one used.


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