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While mourning his deceased dad, Kituu described him as a hero who founded Kimangu Boys Band together with Kyalo Junior, also deceased. Master Kituu sings in his song Pole Mashambiki Kimangu that he missed the chance of being brought up in a complete family. But he goes ahead to thank God and says resignedly that he was okay with His plans. His prayer was that he gets a talent like his father to continue his legacy. It is a sad six-minute rendition.

Kijana Musyoki (left) and a modern Kamba artists that gather tonight at Thwake Resort to commemorate his success in the music industry.

The late Charles Musyoki Kikumbi [Kijana] was born in 1970 in a village known as Ithekethini Kimangu Yatta, in Machakos County.

Mzee Musee Kikumbi Kituu and his wife Maria were blessed with the music great son Kijana.

During our recollection, we stubbled upon his long eulogy posted on Facebook. It showed that  he honed his talent in a band called Kyanganga Boys Band that was led by one Peter Muambi. 

After a short stint, he left Kyanganga Boys Band and joined Kimangu Boys Band together with his brother.

When Kijana joined Kimangu Boys, he dropped the name Boy and was referred to as Kijana from 1990.

When Kijana joined Kimangu Boys Band, he released five editions including the following: Mbingo Ya Musyi, Muoi Danger, Charles Mutiso, Rebecca, Kyalo Simba and Beth Yiungui.

We noted that most of these early songs in his music career were produced in collaboration with Kyalo Junior and Mbatha Rithi Producer.

In 1991, Kijana Charles Musyoki Kikumbi released another album titled Leo ni Leo (Volume 1). This was done by Matunda Productions.

Below is a chronology of his other songs and the years released.

October 1991-Mpenzi Annah (Volume 2)
1992-Wendo Usu-(Volume 3)
1993-Mwaka Wa Mikatiko (Volume 4)
1993-Kadogo-(Volume 5)
December 1993-Sweet Malalu-Volume 6
1994-Kunua Kiangi-Volume 7
1994-Harusi Ya MK-Volume 8
1994-Mpenzi Wangu Nimerudi-Volume 9
1995-Elimu Ni Kitu Kizuri-Volume 10
1995-Safari Ya Kisii-Volume 11
1995-Show Ya Kitui-Volume 12

Due to his own religious beliefs, Kijana never released Volume 13. It is thought to be a jinxed number attracting bad luck.

Below is a continuation of Kijana Charles Musyoki's other releases.

1996-Majibu Ya Monyoncho-Volume 14
1996-Shida Ya Kinyambu-Volume 15
1997-Original Kuluta-Volume 16
1998-Keka Nineesi-Volume 17
1998-Bomb Blast-Volume 18
1999-Katheka Kambu-Volume 19
1999-Songs of the New Millennium -Volume 20

As you can observe from above recordings, Kijana's songs marked major world events such as 1998 Bomb Blast in Nairobi allegedly by the late Osama bin Laden who was killed in 2011 during the reign of former US President Barrack Obama.

Kijana's last hit was a celebration of the New Millennium that was ushered in 2000.

Kijana died on 10/7/2000 at around 5pm. He was travelling from Machinery. This is where his in-laws reside. 

It was alleged that Kijana Musyoki had differences with his wife Mama Marietta Musyoki.

In 1994, Charles Musyoki Kikumbi tied the knot with the love of his life called Amina Ishmael from Kitui.  But later, their marriage encountered challenges leading to their separation.

He later married Marrietta Kanini Musyoki. Their friendship started when Marrietta was a student at Darajani Secondary School in Machinery. He is the one who paid Marietta's fees from Form 2 to Form 4.

They were blessed with a baby boy in 1998. His name is Festus Kituu Kikumbi Junior.

Before his demise, Kijana Charles Musyoki Kikumbi  is credited for producing 21 volumes of Benga music. 

His legacy was continued by Kyalo Junior who started from Volume 22.

It is the young Kyalo Junior who included never heard before songs that the late Kijana Charles Musyoki Kikumbi had sang in 1990 but had not officially released. They are contained in Volume 22. They include songs like Safina.

Below are some of of Kijana Charles Musyoki Kikumbi's band members. They are worth noting due to their contributions to his music career.
They are:
1.Francis Mutuku alias Pastor Maiti-Solo
2.Bosco Mulwa -Solo
3.Francis Danger Kavuu-Rhythm
4.Chris Nzombo-Rhythm
5.John Muasa-Rhythm
6.Ancent Mumo alias Sendi Ringo Star-Rhythm
7. Mutua Satani-Bass
8.Sammy Kasee-Bass
10. Munyao Ka Kimangu-Drums
11.James Mwau Kilonzi-Drums
12. Wasi Wasi-Vocalist
13. Isaiah Mutie-Vocalist
14. Lucas Mutua "Ng'athika"-Vocalist
15. Wambua Wa Masilia-Drums( Reservist)
16.Kyalo Junior -Main Composer 
17.John Kiio Kyuma-Vocalist (Cousin)
18.Joseph Kitussa-Vocalist (Mavoloni).

Away from music, Charles Musyoki Kikumbi was a businessman. He had invested in matatus public transportation sector. His business partner was  Mr Simon Munywoki, the owner Original Line matatus.

Kijana Musyoki's matatus were christened Wendo Usu.

When Kijana Musyoki died, his brother Kyalo Junior Diambo assumed the leadership role in Kimangu Boyz Band. He released the following cassettes:
1. Tumkumbuke Kijana-Volume 22
2. Mukasa Wa Kyanguli-Volume 23
3. Muoi Musyi-Volume 23.

The late Charles Musyoki Kikumbi's successor Kyalo Junior Diambo passed on. This was the date of his demise: 22/3/2002.

After Kyalo died, his maternal uncle Patrick Musee Kituu took over the reins of the Band and released Volume 25,26,27,28,29 and 30.

The late Kijana Charles Musyoki's son Festus Kituu Musyoki sang a song titled "Pole Mashambiki" in 2016.

The hope of Kimangu Boys Band fans is that it will live forever.

"May God rest the souls of the departed Kimangu Boys Band musicians in eternal rest. Amen", said an ardent follower.


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