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NGOMENI farmer loses ten goats in hyena attack

A farmer in Mwingi North is counting huge losses after hyena attacked his herd of livestock on Saturday night.
Farmers and residents of Mandongoi village in Ngomeni Ward stare resignedly after a hyena killed 10 goats in their area. An equal number is still missing.|MWINGI TIMES 

Charles Kimwele told MWINGI TIMES that out of his 42 goats that feed in his ranch, 10 were killed by the carnivore while 10 more are missing.

Residents of Mandongoi village in Ngomeni Ward were left in shock as they  visited the scene of crime to comfort the young farmer.

Mr Kimwele reported the incident to area assistant chief Stephen Mwinzi. According to what his farmhand told him, the goats were lost when he went to fetch water.  They were found in a neighbor's area where hyenas pounched on them drawing blood and scattering others.
Human-wildlife conflict is common in Ngomeni area of Mwingi North, Kitui County. Residents expect compensation since as of Mr Kimwele's case, the hyena had strayed from cutter line to private grazing fields.|MWINGI TIMES 

By the time we went to press, the farmer had 10 goats missing after the attack. He rescued only 22. That is less than half of his original herd.

Goat herding in Mwingi is a lucrative business. In Tseikuru main market, a mature male goat retails at KSh13,000. A midsized one goes for slightly half the mature one. A young one that has been weaned from lactating costs any amount from KSh3,000.

On May 18 this year, Tourism, Wildlife and Heritage CS Ms Peninah Malonza said her ministry owed victims of wildlife attacks KSh5.6 Billion and KSh 940 Million was available for compensation across the country.


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