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I raise my child alone yet father is well off, Justina Syokau laments

Justina Syokau, a Gospel singer of the famous Twendi Twendi hit, has taken to social media to lay bare what she says is her child being neglected by the father whom she has since parted ways with.
Twendi Twendi hit maker Justina Syokau. The single mother has lamented that the father to her son does not support them. She has since parted ways with Mr Johnstone Vundi.

Taking to both Tik Tok and Facebook, Syokau narrated in a lengthy way how her then ex-husband Johnstone Vundi Musyoka did not support her and their alleged son, Nixon. Johnstone Vundi is a brother to Azimio-Oka co-principal Kalonzo Musyoka.

The two married in June 2012 and parted the year after.  The soon to be 10 year old son , according to Syokau was deprived of health insurance after she parted ways with her then hubby.

Johnstone Vundi had not responded to MWINGI TIMES request for comment by press time.

TUKO, a digital publication with a big following, carried the story soon after it broke.

Joan Mutheu, an actor and comedian was among those who comforted Justina. She said, "Ooops  💔💔 pole sana". 

Jacquelyne Kalenga Múthaisú, a Kitui nominated MCA told Justina Syokau to take heart advising her to recollect herself and take care of her kid.
"I always tell ladies, ukipata mimba just know that's your responsibility ukipata wakukusaidia lucky you. Usipopata wa kukusaidia ng'ang'ana na utatoboa. God bless all single mothers".

This is the controversial Gospel artist Justina Syokau's unedited post on her Facebook account: 😭😭😭 my worst day in my life 😭😭
Am tired of faking am not ok
My x name is Johnstone Vundi Musyoka
Brother to kalonzo Musyoka 
He married me 2012 June chased me 
2013 August
Together we got a son by the name NIXON MUSYOKA VUNDI
He chased me out of our matrimonial home 
Immediately I got birth to our son 
His mother says his son will never be taken care by my x
Mother to my husband his name is MULLY 
This woman mistreated me threatened me to leave his son 
My x works in foreign affairs ministry
Prison industrial area he is an officer of the lord
He chased me he kept threatening to kill 
That pushed me to go court 
He was summoned by court  not kill me
That time he agreed to pay up keep of 3500
Then court ordered him to pay 
8k per month
I went to court again because 
Stopped sending money for his son
And  that time my son had started schooling
He said he cannot pay school fees for his child
Mtoto wangu apelekwe govt sch 
That is what he said 
Upkeep upgrade he refused 
He said he can only Raise 4500
Which court ordered him to pay 7k per month
  He paid 7k 
For 4 months and he stopped 
Since then have never gone to court
 I just got tired of reminding him about paying upkeep for his child

He has been funding people to abuse me in social media 
I have gone through alot because of him 
Have servered alot with my kid 

Am sorry to Kenyan who feel am doing bad to post this but 
My son birthday it's 4th of August 
My son don't know if he have a father
 While his father his so much alive 😭😭
Have been trashed in social media alot 
While am seeking upkeep for my kid 

My son have never asked me about his father because he doesn't know his father
We separated because he was beating me 
He used not to support me 
He humiliated me alot 
I got depressed in my own house I could not come out because people knew us 
I could not even tell people what went wrong 
I kept quiet 
Until the I shared my story with Lynn ngungi 
Tuko talks 
That day i opened up 
Spoke what happened , Have never spoken about his name, any were 
This man he removed his son from NIHF  card stopped paying monthly support
I have never reached him out because I fear him killing me"


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