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High goat, chicken prices in Tseikuru market

After sale of mung beans  (ndengu) in Mwingi coming to an end,Tseikuru farmers are turning to sale of goats to increase their income streams.
Tseikuru main livestock market on July 20, 2023. Goat and chicken prices are up. |MWINGI TIMES 

Despite the main livestock market in Kasarani area being marked with a relative drop in asking prices, many village informal markets have relatively higher prices of goat sales as well as other livestock. They include Kwa Kamanga river and Kalimbui road junction. 

The highest price of a billy was KSh12,000 today. The price would fluctuate to about 13,000 or 11,000 but not below 10,000.
A medium-sized goat retailed at KSh6,000 while the smallest was half the medium-sized goat.
Cattle section of Tseikuru main market for livestock on Thursday|MWINGI TIMES 

Above prices had dropped by half during the drought season before the long rains. The March-April-May [MAM] provided sufficient water for rejuvenation of pasture and water points. But it was not enough for farm produce since harvests were depressed.
A trader shops for goats in Tseikuru market on July 20, 2023

Tseikuru township had the highest prices of poultry. A mature hen retailed at KSh700. This was an increase by KSh200 two months ago. When MWINGI TIMES visited the Kasarani market where chicken are sold alongside livestock, there were none, an indication that the market had closed. That was at around noon on Thursday, the market day.

Usually, traders prefer selling their livestock on the way to Tseikuru not inside the main market which is marked by ruthless brokerage. This lowers prices to the favour of brokers and farmers are the losers here.


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