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Embu man sentenced 15 years for killing wife over meat

A 56-year-old man has been sentenced to 15 years in prison by Embu High Court for killing his wife after she failed to put meat in his meal on December 25, 2020.
Embu Law Courts. MWINGI TIMES/Brian Musyoka 

Crispin Nyaga Ita was found guilty by Embu High Court Judge Lucy Njuguna for killing his wife Catherine Mbuya.

Nyaga hails from Kambaru village in Mbeere North Sub County.

On the fateful day that Mr Nyaga didn't know it will throw him in prison, the court was told that the he had sold miraa worth KSh3,000 at Kiritiri market. He had harvested the stimulants from his farm.

After pocketing the money, he went back home a happy man having made a 'morning kill' and gave his wife KSh2,O00 to buy meat and other food stuffs that would make their Christmas festive celebration colourful.

He would then proceed to a nearby market to "soften his throat" with some bottles of beer.

Nyaga is said to have returned home in the evening drunk and demanded food from his wife.

He was served the food but he started quarreling with his wife asking his her why the food had no meat and yet he had given out money for buying meat.

The quarrel became heated before Nyaga took panga and cut his wife on the leg below her kneel.

His wife fell down.

The highly boiling Nyaga is said to have picked piece of wood and mercilessly hit his wife on the head killing her on the spot.

While giving her ruling, Embu High Court Judge Lucy Njuguna said the probation report submitted to court indicated that Nyaga was a first offender, a nuisance  and drunkard.

“By releasing you we will cause more harm to the community. You are a serious offender to your family and to the community. You deserve a custodial sentence for the safety of Kambaru people," she said.

Justice Njuguna said elders and locals had expressed fear that if Nyaga would be released he may harm his children.

“In considering all the above I sentence you Crispin Nyaga Ita  to 15 years imprisonment,” said Justice Njuguna.


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