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Dialogue for the sake of the country, Ruto and Raila told

A section of church bishops in Embu County have called on President Dr William Ruto to consider his stand and have a dialogue with opposition leaders. The clergy said the country was not heading in the right direction with the demonstrations and tough stands by both the government and the opposition and that there was need for change for the interest of the country.
File photo of Bishop Moses Masamba addressing press at ACK St Peters Cathedral Siakago.|MWINGI TIMES

Mbeere ACK Diocese Bishop Dr Moses Masamba has urged both the Government and the Opposition not to have radical stands as this may roll the country to danger.

While speaking to the press in Ishiara after a church service at Kavengero ACK Church , Masamba said both political sides should  open gates for talks and amicably address contentious issues that are cropping up.

He said the firm stand that the government and the opposition are taking will resolve nothing but fuel more disagreements that will mess the country.

The Bishop urged Kenyans not to subscribe to any attempt that will lead to the destruction of the country. Masamba warned the leaders against utterances that may fuel chaos and incite people urging that there is need for sobriety in addressing issues which are contentious.
''Our stand as a church is the same: we urge the Government and pray for it to approach the issues with high level of wisdom without any division to solve the issues. We also urge the Opposition to evaluate the benefit and the destruction that the protests are causing so that we don't risk our country ,'' Masamba said.
His sentiments were echoed by the newly installed AIPCA Bishop Peter Muchira who said the demonstrations were not good for the country.

While speaking after presiding over the first service since he was ordained  as a bishop at AIPCA Majimbo in Embu West, Muchira said the standoff between the Azimio and the Government was injuring the economy and further subjecting Kenyans to suffering. He urged the government to offer an olive branch to the Azimio coalition and have a dialogue for the sake of the country.

The bishop regretted that so far several people have lost their lives since the demonstrations started saying this was not something that should be let to proceed.


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